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This started off a character creator for Tunnels & Trolls but has grown a bit and now you can log in so as to save your characters for later reference. This site is under pretty active development, but if you have any suggestions, comments or bug reports please send them to me at ardenstone@ardenstone.com. The core of it is the Tunnels & Trolls Character Creator where you can roll up and equip your character. If you're logged in when you do so, you can save that character for future editing and printing.

As a side effect of some of the recording options, here is a list of T&T adventures.

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My 1st RPGThe character generator is an aid in creating characters for the role-playing game Tunnels & Trolls. I don't game much these days, but T&T was the first role playing game I ever purchased (that picture to the right is my worn copy from long ago!) and remains one of my favorites. There are a number of fun solitary adventures which I still play a few times a year.

The character generator supports T&T versions 5 and 7.5. I really love the version 5 rulebook; Ken St. Andre's writing combined with the pictures and editing by Liz Danforth (and others) make a great combination. If you're interested Flying Buffalo still sells it (along with the updated 7.5 rules which include some excellent additions like spite damage) at their website. Although let's be honest, how would you end up at a T&T character generator if you didn't already know all this?

I built this both to make the easy character creation process even easier and as a way to learn/practice some AJAX coding skills. While you can roll your attributes in a variety of random ways, you can also just type in whatever you want if you're itching for a certain character. You can also go right over your total GP and Weight Units Possible so you'll need to keep an eye on those yourself. I found enforcing those limits caused more frustration than clarity.

Questions, comments, bug reports or suggestions? Send them to me at ardenstone@ardenstone.com.

Items I still want to implement and strange behaviour I may never fix (in no particular order):

One of the fun parts about T&T is all the great sites out there still talking about it. Here are a few:

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